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Desserts, Recipes / 11.08.2020

Sponsored.When you can’t decide what dessert to have, I say – have both! This tart is a delicious hybrid of Baklava and Custard Tart. By combining the two into one spectacular dessert, you get to enjoy ALL the textures in every single bite. Crisp, buttery pastry, thick, creamy custard and crunchy, syrupy nuts. Not to mention the flavour combination of honey, cinnamon and that glorious vanilla flavour that you can only get from Ultra Mel custard! If you can restrain yourself, this tart really improves after a day of standing. This allows for the custard to set up nicely, and...

Desserts, Recipes, Tarts & Pastries / 06.06.2016

This gorgeous fresh fruit tart will brighten up any table, and looks so fancy and professional that your friends will think you've been secretly training to be a French pastry chef in your spare time. It's deliciously fresh and light, and makes for a dazzling dessert or stunning tea-time treat. What better way to get one of your 5-a-day? I love a mix of bright colours so I went for a variety of different coloured fruits. You can, however, use any fruits you like. How about a mixed berry tart with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries? Or let one fruit shine on its own e.g....