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Edible Gifts, Recipes / 20.07.2016

Everyone loves a mug of rich, steaming hot chocolate on a chilly day. I know I do. In my case, hot chocolate consumption is not really dependant on the weather. I'm happy to drink it all year round. The more decadent, the better. Hot chocolate is so much more fun when it comes in one of these cute forms. Not only do these make a great homemade gift but they are also perfect for setting up a DIY hot chocolate station at a winter party/bridal shower/baby shower/book club (along with a flask of hot milk, marshmallows and some chocolate chip cookies on the side). Each hot chocolate truffle/spoon/test...

Desserts, Edible Gifts, Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 31.05.2016

Chocolate salami is not salami at all - it is a delicious chocolate log filled with nuts, biscuits and a dash of liqueur. The name simply comes from the salami-like appearance. Originally from Italy (or Portugal, depending who you ask), it tastes best when served with a glass of port or liqueur after dinner. Chocolate Salami looks beautiful when presented on a wooden board, partially sliced and ready to nibble on. When it comes to the ingredients, why not get creative? As long as you stick to the basic recipe, you can use any biscuits, nuts and liqueur you like. You can also replace some of the...

Edible Gifts, Jams and Preserves, Recipes / 29.03.2016

Liquid Sunshine. In a jar. Just looking at it will make you think of daffodils and buttercups. Or minions. Happy things in any case! Lemon curd is a sweet and tangy lemon conserve. The texture is somewhere between a custard and a jam. Used warm it has a pouring consistency like a sauce, but once cooled it is smooth and spreadable. My search for a lemon curd recipe began after I used a jar of the shop-bought stuff in a recipe and was left very disappointed. It tastes so artificial in comparison to the home-made version! Lemon Curd is a must-have in any fridge, as it's so...

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