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Ice Cream & Frozen Delights, Recipes / 04.03.2021

We've had the most beautiful hot summer in Cape Town. Sadly its coming to an end and autumn is on its way! Luckily with our amazing climate here in South Africa, it's still warm enough to enjoy these super-easy and totally refreshing Pina Colada popsicles. With just 4 ingredients and a blender, you can whizz these up in no time. They're dairy-free, gluten-free AND vegan so they make a fab treat to have on hand in the freezer for any unexpected guests. For alcohol-free, kid-friendly lollies, simply omit the rum. You can also add ½ tsp of finely grated lime...

Ice Cream & Frozen Delights, Recipes / 18.11.2016

I'd love to tell you that my favourite thing about these ice lollies is that they are made with only fruit and are therefore super-healthy. But I'd be lying. What I love most about them is that are just so pretty! I mean look at those colours! Isn't it pleasing to know that all those lovely, bright colours come from fruit alone? These lollies are a great way to get your kids to eat something healthy on a hot summer's day. In fact once they see these beautiful treats, you may have to fight them for one! All you need to make these is fruit, water, a blender, and ice lolly...