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Brownies & Bars, Desserts, Recipes / 22.10.2020

It's not hard to see why S'mores are so popular. The combination of crunchy biscuits, melted chocolate and gooey toasted marshmallow is all kinds of wonderful! I took inspiration from these glorious treats to come up with a Halloween-inspired dessert. With a buttery biscuit crumb base, rich chocolate mousse layer and ghoulish marshmallow ghost topping, these Spooky Chocolate Mousse Bars have all the S'mores flavour with an extra touch of scary! I used an easy, egg-free chocolate mousse recipe which contains marshmallows to help the mousse set so that the bars can be sliced easily. Of course, making the little...

Cakes & Cupcakes, Recipes / 26.10.2017

Boo! Scared you, huh? Indeed it is that time of year where all things spooky and creepy permeate our Instagram feeds. Of course, I had to get on that bandwagon myself and contribute a terrifying typography cake that will frighten the bravest of humans. Halloween treats must be both terrifying and tasty, and the crunchy dark chocolate shortbread dispersed amongst a white vanilla cake takes care of both of these criteria. Serve with a splash of blood-red jam to maximise the scary surprise! Ingredients: Chocolate Boo Biscuits 150g butter, softened 110g sugar 185g flour 85g cocoa powder 1 bottle of black gel food colouring White Cake 115g butter 200g sugar 7ml vanilla extract 4 large egg...