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Jams and Preserves, Recipes / 09.04.2024

Whenever I'm faced with a large quantity of ripe fruit that I can't get through quickly enough, I usually choose to A) freeze it or B) make a jam or curd. Since fruits generally contain a lot of water, their texture will change on freezing and defrosting. This is because the water inside the fruit cells expands on freezing, and the ice crystals rupture the cell walls. Once defrosted, the fruit will inevitably be soft and soggy. This is not an issue if you're planning on using the thawed fruit for smoothies, juices or sauces but if you're planning on...

Edible Gifts, Jams and Preserves, Recipes / 29.03.2016

Liquid Sunshine. In a jar. Just looking at it will make you think of daffodils and buttercups. Or minions. Happy things in any case! Lemon curd is a sweet and tangy lemon conserve. The texture is somewhere between a custard and a jam. Used warm it has a pouring consistency like a sauce, but once cooled it is smooth and spreadable. My search for a lemon curd recipe began after I used a jar of the shop-bought stuff in a recipe and was left very disappointed. It tastes so artificial in comparison to the home-made version! Lemon Curd is a must-have in any fridge, as it's so...