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Biscuits & Cookies, Recipes / 18.11.2021

Golden Cloud recently added a Carrot Cake Mix to their range and its amazing! The best part is that the carrots are already included (in dehydrated form) so all you need to add to make a delicious carrot cake is oil and eggs. This cake mix is really versatile - you can make muffins, a loaf cake or even these delicious carrot cake sandwich cookies! They have a lovely chewy texture, with a bit of crunch from the oats and chopped walnuts. You could use any nuts you like, or leave them out altogether! Just as cream cheese icing makes...

Cakes & Cupcakes, Recipes / 07.02.2017

It was my Mom's birthday last week, so I gave her the choice of what cake she'd like for the occasion. She requested a Carrot Cake, which I was pleased about as it tied in beautifully with International Carrot Cake day on 3 February! I consulted my beloved Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook for a recipe, and the resulting cake was a huge hit! It has a delicious melt-in-the-mouth texture and is just spicy enough to enhance the sweet carroty goodness. The original recipe makes use of ginger but I substituted this with mixed spice instead. Use either pecan nuts or walnuts to add a lovely...