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Desserts, Ice Cream & Frozen Delights, Recipes / 21.09.2017

It's officially spring in SA and the long, sunny days are back. For those living in Jo'burg it seems that you bypassed Spring altogether and jumped straight into Summer! The gorgeous hot weather is perfectly timed with National Braai Day on 24 September. Most South Africans will be spending the day outdoors with friends, basking in the sunshine and enjoying a lekker stukkie wors. I was looking for a new take on a traditional South African dessert for the occasion. It is Heritage Day after all. Peppermint Crisp Tart is a real South African favourite. It's made by layering coconut biscuits, caramel,...

Desserts, Recipes, Tarts & Pastries / 31.08.2016

I first tasted Banoffee Pie many years ago. My sister's friend was visiting from England and she offered to make us a British dessert one evening. Her Banoffee Pie was an absolute hit and her recipe has been used by my family many (hundred) times since then. The name "Banoffee" comes from the combination of the words "banana" and "toffee" although the filling is really more of a caramel than a toffee. Before Caramel Treat was invented we would boil a tin of condensed milk  for several hours to make the caramel, but happily now it's as simple as opening up a tin! Banoffee Pie...