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Brownies & Bars, Recipes / 07.04.2020

Sponsored According to a recent poll I ran on Instagram, many of us are barely aware that Easter is just a few days away! With all the goings-on in the world right now, it’s fair to say that most of us have been a bit distracted, and feeling a tad overwhelmed. So I decided to bring you all an extra-cheerful Easter treat – these Easter Custard Blondies made with Ultra Mel Vanilla Custard! It’s pretty hard to be sad when you’re looking at these gorgeous bright colours… and once you take a bite of one, I have no doubt it will bring...

Brownies & Bars, Recipes / 25.06.2018

Blondies are perhaps considered to be the less popular sister of the Brownie. Why? Because, for most people chocolate trumps vanilla. However, after tasting these Brown Butter Blondies, I'm certainly questioning where my preference lies. By simply browning the butter beforehand, the flavour of these Blondies is enhanced with a delicious nuttiness. The texture is not cake-like, but dense and moist when you sink your teeth into one. A bit of crunch from some toasted hazelnuts, a burst of sweetness from white chocolate chunks and there you have it - the perfect Blondie. Ingredients: (Makes about 16) 175g salted butter (¾cup) 225g brown sugar eg...