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Desserts, Recipes / 24.05.2019

I was recently nominated to take part in the Pink Pudding Challenge by Chef Megan Meikle from Grei restaurant at the Saxon Hotel. The Pink Pudding Challenge is part of the Pink Table Project, a Cancer awareness and fundraising initiative. The goal of the Pink Table Project is to prove that healthy eating can still be exciting and delicious, since a healthy diet is a contributing factor in preventing certain cancers. My task was to create a healthier dessert, particularly one that was lower in sugar. As you all know, I'm not normally one to shy away from sugar. But...

Cakes & Cupcakes, Recipes / 13.04.2018

Back in the day, Red Velvet cakes were made with fresh beetroot and no food colouring. Since April is Earth month it seemed like a good time to test out that earthy beetroot flavour and make a real Red Velvet Cake. What put me off until now is the messy process of grating the beetroots and staining my counters and hands pink in the process. But this is no longer an issue since some clever folks concentrated all the colour and goodness of beetroots into a beautiful crimson beetroot powder! Something I discovered rather quickly is that beetroot only maintains its gorgeous colour...