July 2016 - The Sweet Rebellion
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Breakfast & Brunch, Recipes / 27.07.2016

Brunch is my new favourite meal. Apart from dessert of course, which I classify as a separate mealtime since I have a separate stomach for dessert that always has space no matter how full I am. Brunch brings to mind a gloriously, lazy Sunday morning eating slowly and indulgently (unlike breakfast which usually involves a bowl of cereal or piece of toast eaten in haste). These fluffy, fruity American-style pancakes are the epitome of a lazy weekend brunch.  They're a hit with adults and kids alike, and take very little effort (so you can maintain your relaxed weekend state of mind). If you're in...

Edible Gifts, Recipes / 20.07.2016

Everyone loves a mug of rich, steaming hot chocolate on a chilly day. I know I do. In my case, hot chocolate consumption is not really dependant on the weather. I'm happy to drink it all year round. The more decadent, the better. Hot chocolate is so much more fun when it comes in one of these cute forms. Not only do these make a great homemade gift but they are also perfect for setting up a DIY hot chocolate station at a winter party/bridal shower/baby shower/book club (along with a flask of hot milk, marshmallows and some chocolate chip cookies on the side). Each hot chocolate truffle/spoon/test...

Cakes & Cupcakes, Desserts, Recipes / 13.07.2016

This is no ordinary cake. For starters it's made with delicious Milo for a unique, malty chocolate flavour. Then there's the extra sweet and creamy condensed milk icing. Since we're being quite decadent anyway, let's make it a triple decker too. Go big or go home! I love cake. I love icing. I love condensed milk. But it's the crunchy Milo sprinkles on the outside that really do it for me. Most South African's grew up drinking Milo (it's Australian, not South African...

Desserts, Recipes / 07.07.2016

The perfect meringue is crisp on the outside, and slightly chewy and marshmallowy on the inside. When topped with clouds of cream and tart berries you have a splendid summer treat! This is a great dessert for a crowd as it easily feeds 10 people and the meringues can be made a few days in advance. As an added bonus its gluten-free. Meringues are incredible when you think about it. It's pretty amazing that two humble ingredients can be transformed into a beautiful and delicious confection! The magic of meringue comes down to the foaming properties of the proteins in the egg white. In...

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