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Breakfast & Brunch, Desserts, Recipes / 08.06.2020

As the mornings get colder and darker, I've got long, lazy brunches on my mind. Since we can't go to our fave restaurant for this luxury, I suggest spoiling yourself at home! These crispy, puffed pancakes topped with fresh banana and boozy rum butterscotch sauce make for a decadent brunch if ever there was one. Even better if you can convince someone to serve you brekkie in bed! Dutch baby pancakes are similar to Yorkshire puddings in that they contain no raising agent, yet puff up beautifully in the oven. Steam is what causes them to rise, so it's important to...

Edible Gifts, Recipes / 27.09.2017

The first time I used cacao nibs was when I made Raw Vegan Brownies. I loved the intense, dark chocolate flavour they added.  Cacao nibs are considered a superfood and often used to make healthy smoothies and snacks. Me being me, I came up with a far less virtuous use for them. By simpling roasting the nibs to intensify the flavour, and steeping them in white rum for 2 weeks, you have a delicious chocolate flavoured rum. I added a little sugar to balance out the slight bitterness, but this is of course optional. A bottle of Chocolate Rum makes for a...