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Breakfast & Brunch, Desserts, Recipes / 05.03.2019

Not that one ever needs an excuse to eat Pancakes, but if you do today is Pancake Day! To be more correct it is Shrove Tuesday, traditionally a feasting day before the start of Lent. On this day stocks of eggs, dairy and fat were used up before the fasting of Lent began. A pancake can either be thick and fluffy (American style pancakes) or thin and flat (like French Crepes). Although I have love for both of them, I am celebrating Pancake Day with the latter variety. These utterly decadent S’mores Pancakes to be specific! In my opinion the perfect crepe should...

Breakfast & Brunch, Recipes / 27.07.2016

Brunch is my new favourite meal. Apart from dessert of course, which I classify as a separate mealtime since I have a separate stomach for dessert that always has space no matter how full I am. Brunch brings to mind a gloriously, lazy Sunday morning eating slowly and indulgently (unlike breakfast which usually involves a bowl of cereal or piece of toast eaten in haste). These fluffy, fruity American-style pancakes are the epitome of a lazy weekend brunch.  They're a hit with adults and kids alike, and take very little effort (so you can maintain your relaxed weekend state of mind). If you're in...