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Desserts, Recipes / 15.12.2018

Not that you ever need an excuse to show off your dessert skills, but the holiday season is a perfect time to do so. More than likely you'll be entertaining at some point, and will also have a little more time to put together something really special. Like these gorgeous White Chocolate Mousse domes with a shiny red mirror glaze! If you watch Masterchef, Zumbo's Just Desserts or the Great British Bake-off, you will know that entremets are all the rage. An entremet is basically a layered dessert consisting of mostly mousse and finished with a mirror glaze. Being an avid...

Brownies & Bars, Desserts, Recipes / 16.06.2017

I discovered a wonderful product called Blueberry Powder. It is made by simply freeze-drying blueberries! The resulting product is a sticky concentrated powder which adds a powerful flavour and colour boost to foods. A great way to up the nutrient content of your smoothie bowl breakfast. Or in this case, your triple layered dessert. These striking Blueberry and Lime bars are made up of a crisp lime shortbread, topped with blueberries in a creamy lime cheesecake layer, and finished with a layer of bright blueberry mousse. A real show-stopper to wow your guests! Ingredients: Lime Shortbread Base: 150g butter, softened 100g castor sugar finely grated lime zest of...

Desserts, Recipes / 15.01.2015

Let me just begin by saying chocolate mousse is my absolute favourite dessert. Nothing is quite as satisfying as a rich, creamy, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate mousse to end a meal. Or have for breakfast! There are various ways of making a mousse and I have experimented with a few recipes. There are those that use egg whites and cream, then those that use egg whites and egg yolks but no cream, and then my personal favourite which makes use of all three! Cream is essential to give a nice smooth texture, and egg whites give the light, airy feel to the mousse....

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