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Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 09.09.2020

I had some pomegranates leftover from a shoot recently and instead of a dessert, I decided to make something a little different - a cocktail! If you haven't tasted a pomegranate before, they have a sweet, slightly tart flavour similar to cranberries or even cherries. Although buying pomegranate juice will certainly save you some time, juicing a fresh pomegranate means you can reserve a few of the seeds/arils to garnish your drink (they look like little gems!). And that you get to enjoy the beautiful bold pink colour at its best.! When combined with rum, ginger ale and a...

Tarts & Pastries / 23.12.2018

Tastivore recently asked me to develop a super-simple Christmas dessert recipe for them. I decided on these striking Coconut and Lime Christmas trees! Not only is this recipe quick and easy, but it transforms a simple tart into beautiful upright Christmas trees. The good news is that the tart can be made ahead, and one tart makes 10 slices so its great for feeding a big table of guests. Both important factors when choosing a Christmas dessert! The flavour of the tart is much like a lemon meringue pie (without the meringue of course). The addition of coconut to the base gives...