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Biscuits & Cookies, Desserts, Recipes / 12.04.2019

When I discovered these adorable mini skillets online I was inspired to make so many things. Individual brownies, pancakes, Malva puddings, even shakshuka-type breakfast bowls! But the first thing I simply had to try was mini skillet cookies! With Easter around the corner I felt it was appropriate to replace the chocolate chips with little speckled eggs. And so these Mini Speckled Egg Skillet Cookies came about. Initially I added the speckled eggs before baking, but I found that the colour of the shells ran into the batter, and some cracked/burst in the oven. By pushing the speckled eggs into the...

Edible Gifts, Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 31.03.2017

Plenty of lovely chocolates around at Easter time. Plenty. Almost an annoyingly large amount. So why would make your own? There is something incredibly satisfying about making your own chocolates. Seeing the fruits of your labour, staring at the pretty, glossy shapes and thinking "I made those". There are so many beautiful chocolate moulds at baking stores these days (especially at Easter) that you're sure to find something you love. I think the best thing about making your own chocolate is choosing the chocolate/filling combinations! You can really tailor-make your very own personal favourite. I'm crazy about Belgian chocolate seashells filled with hazelnut praline, so I was...