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Desserts, Recipes, Tarts & Pastries / 05.04.2019

This Rolo Pastry Braid is dangerously easy to make! Essentially it is just a slab of chocolate, wrapped in puff pastry and sprinkled with almonds and baked. Easy, huh? If you are a fan of chocolate and caramel together, then I'm guessing you love Rolo's as much as I do. You can now buy Rolo's in chocolate slab form, which worked out wonderfully for me in making this dessert. The chocolate and caramel melt together when baked, making the most ooey gooey, delicious filling. However, you could really use any slab of chocolate you like! Ingredients: (Serves 4) 400g sheet ready-made puff pastry 150g Rolo...

Desserts, Recipes, Tarts & Pastries / 29.03.2016

I discovered this recipe in a Fair Lady magazine very early in my baking days - 1994! More than 20 years later it has proven to stand the test of time exactly as it is, no changes or improvements required. I just love all the colours of this tart - the deep purple skins of the plums, the red and orange flesh, the golden pastry. It is an absolute showstopper of a tart, so it's perfect for a special tea-time treat or to end off a memorable meal. A cautionary note on the almond essence. This stuff is strong! A drop or two is...