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Brownies & Bars, Recipes / 11.05.2018

If you're craving something sweet and simple, look no further. What we have here is a fabulously easy recipe that will satisfy a sweet-tooth of the most epic proportions. These No-bake Nutella squares can be whipped up at a moments notice, and with a whole of jar of Nutella crammed in, you know they are going to taste amazing! Nutella-lovers, I suggest you try these cookies and this mug-cake too. Ingredients: 1 x 350g jar Nutella, at room temperature 130g butter, melted 90g icing sugar 20ml cocoa powder 250g digestive biscuits 200g white chocolate Directions: Line a 20cm x 20cm baking tin with greaseproof paper or foil, with the edges...

Desserts, Recipes / 03.05.2018

Not many desserts can claim to be impressive to look at and unbelievably delicious, yet easy to make. This Chocolate Mint Panna Cotta is exactly that. Just perfect in it's simplicity - a silky-smooth and creamy dessert that looks gorgeously tempting, but is created with just a small number of ingredients and hands-on time of only of a matter of minutes. Even so, I couldn't resist adding a crumbly chocolate soil on the side. This is not the chocolate soil of the crushed biscuit variety, this is actually something quite magical - crystallised chocolate. Don't be intimidated by the sound of...

Brownies & Bars, Recipes / 27.04.2018

Can you believe that chocolate brownies have been made, and eaten, since 1906? The fact that brownies have remained popular for more than 100 years is surely testament to their deliciousness. Over the years, many variants have been invented. Of all of these, Cheesecake Swirl Brownies are probably my favourite (oh, and these Choc Chip Cookie Oreo Brownies of course!). Not only does the white cheesecake swirl liven up the appearance of plain old brown brownies, it also balances out the dark and rich chocolate flavour. As artistic as they look, you need only a skewer to create this beautiful effect! Ingredients: Brownie mixture: 170g...

Biscuits & Cookies, Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 20.04.2018

I recently hosted a baby shower for a friend, so naturally pink macarons were in order! When it came to planning the flavour, I immediately thought of Raspberry and White Chocolate - one of my favourite combinations. Macarons being the tricky little guys that they are, it's best not add any fruit purée, so I used a concentrated raspberry flavour (available at baking stores). I love using creamy ganache as a filling for macarons but this time I decided to whip the ganache. The resulting texture is divine - it's light and fluffy, almost like a buttercream but less sweet.   Ingredients: Macarons: 75g water 150g...

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