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Edible Gifts, Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 24.07.2018

Hot chocolate, Milo, Horlicks. Those comforting hot drinks that get us through miserable winter days. For some time, Horlicks has not been available in SA, so I was absolutely delighted to discover that it's back on the shelves again. It didn't take me long to think up a recipe using Horlicks. I've been meaning to make fudge for some time, and  a creamy, malty Horlicks fudge sounded like a good idea to me! Fudge is unusual amongst confectionery in that you actually want sugar crystals to form. In toffees, brittles, marshmallows, nougat and caramels, you avoid this at all costs! The...

Ice Cream & Frozen Delights, Recipes / 20.07.2018

Toasted marshmallows on an open fire - what could be more reminiscent of a night in the bush or a camping weekend? In fact, even a casual braai or indoor fire is an excuse to get some marshmallows toasting in my opinion! Nothing quite compares to that toasty, roasted flavour - ever so slightly burnt and crispy on the outside, and gooey and soft on the inside. I was determined to translate this flavour into an ice cream and my new Russell Hobbs ice cream maker gave me the perfect excuse to get experimenting. As it turns out, this Toasted Marshmallow...

Edible Gifts, Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 11.07.2018

If you love sinking your teeth into sweet, nutty nougat, this Honey and Almond Nougat recipe is just for you! It has a deliciously chewy texture and honey almond flavour. You can of course add any nuts you like, and even dried fruit like cranberries, apricots or glacé cherries. Just keep your total weight of add-in's to 500g. Making your own nougat may seem rather intimidating. After making this recipe several times I have learned a few things: - A stand mixer is essential as the mixture gets very thick and a hand-held mixer is just not strong enough. - Once you stop whisking,...

Desserts, Recipes / 05.07.2018

There is something about layered desserts that looks so striking. Having several layers in one dessert means a different combination of flavours and textures in every bite! These Mini Milo Trifles consist of layers of crunchy biscuit, chocolate ganache, soft condensed milk jelly, malty Milo custard and a swirl of whipped cream to finish. Although each layer is easy to make, this dessert does require some planning as the layers need to cool and set in time before adding the next layer.  Your patience will however be rewarded when you see the resulting mini trifles, just begging to be tasted! P.S. Milo...

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