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Desserts, Recipes / 14.06.2016

What could be more comforting than a bowl of warm Malva pudding drenched in custard on a cold night? Amarula Malva Pudding, that's what! Malva Pudding is a South African favourite. Its not hard to see why! It's basically a caramelised spongy pudding flavoured with apricot jam and soaked in a syrupy cream sauce. Comfort food at its best! The addition of Amarula Cream Liqueur takes this dessert up a notch and adds that extra warm and fuzzy feeling. Ingredients: For the Malva Pudding: 180g sugar 2 large eggs 2 tbsp apricot jam 2 tbsp butter 1 tsp white vinegar 150g flour 1 tsp baking soda A pinch of salt 100ml milk For the sauce: 100ml cream 100g...

Desserts, Recipes, Tarts & Pastries / 06.06.2016

This gorgeous fresh fruit tart will brighten up any table, and looks so fancy and professional that your friends will think you've been secretly training to be a French pastry chef in your spare time. Its deliciously fresh and light, and makes for a dazzling dessert or stunning tea-time treat. What better way to get one of your 5-a-day? I love a mix of bright colours so I went for a variety of different coloured fruits. You can, however, use any fruits you like. How about a mixed berry tart with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries? Or let one fruit shine on its own e.g....

Desserts, Recipes, Tarts & Pastries / 06.06.2016

Crème pâtissière is a thick, creamy custard also known as pastry cream. It is used in many French desserts such as pastries, tarts, éclairs and also as a base for soufflés. Considering its wide range of uses, it's essential that every self-respecting baker knows how to make it. Luckily it's really easy and requires no special ingredients or equipment to make - I'm pretty sure you could whip up a batch right now! Try it in this delicious Fresh Fruit Tart. Ingredients: 500ml full cream milk 1/2 vanilla pod or 5ml vanilla extract 4 large egg yolks 100g castor sugar 25g cornflour 25g cake flour Pinch of salt Directions: Split the vanilla pod (if using) and...

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