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Brownies & Bars, Recipes / 04.07.2017

Raw Vegan Brownies. Not what you were expecting from me, was it?  It's true, I usually aim for decadence at all costs without much consideration for health or dietary requirements. But isn't it time our vegan friends got to enjoy some decadent treats too? These "brownies" have a dense and fudgy texture, with a lovely bit of crunch from the nuts. Fresh Medjool dates (currently in season) provide just enough sticky sweetness, and the cacao nibs impart the rich chocolate flavour. Cacao nibs are a very pure, unsweetened form of chocolate made by crushing cacao beans. If you are sceptical about trying these, rest assured that I would not put my...

Cakes & Cupcakes, Desserts, Recipes / 29.06.2017

We've spoken about dessert mash-ups before (in my Lemon Meringue Fudge recipe). Only good things can happen when you merge the best elements of two desserts into one sensational combo. Take the spiced apples and crunchy crumble topping of an apple crumble. Now add in the rich creaminess of a vanilla cheesecake. The result is a spectacular showstopper of a dessert. Crunchy, creamy, fruity and cinnamony. As if eating two desserts in one go wasn't decadent enough, the addition of a salted caramel sauce takes this Apple Crumble Cheesecake to the next level of indulgence. This dessert requires a little effort, but your hard work will...

Cakes & Cupcakes, Recipes / 23.06.2017

I used to love ginger loaf as a child, and discovered that my husband did too. I think the last time I baked one was a good 15 years ago! So it was high time I baked it again. Making it was thoroughly enjoyable - there is something very satisfying about mixing up the dark and spicy molasses-rich batter. Being quite a dense texture, I used to spread a generous amount of butter on my slice of ginger loaf. Not this one though - it comes with its own creamy icing that negates the need for any buttering! The rich, citrusy cream cheese icing really breathes...

Brownies & Bars, Desserts, Recipes / 16.06.2017

I discovered a wonderful product called Blueberry Powder. It is made by simply freeze-drying blueberries! The resulting product is a sticky concentrated powder which adds a powerful flavour and colour boost to foods. A great way to up the nutrient content of your smoothie bowl breakfast. Or in this case, your triple layered dessert. These striking Blueberry and Lime bars are made up of a crisp lime shortbread, topped with blueberries in a creamy lime cheesecake layer, and finished with a layer of bright blueberry mousse. A real show-stopper to wow your guests! Ingredients: Lime Shortbread Base: 150g butter, softened 100g castor sugar finely grated lime zest of...

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