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Biscuits & Cookies, Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 04.02.2018

Since it's the month of love and all, I'm posting my favourite "romantic" recipes. Obviously, macarons had to make an appearance! If you like macarons but find them a tad too sweet, these Blueberry Cheesecake Macarons are just for you. The cheesecake-inspired filling is rich and creamy but still a little tangy. And then there's the fresh burst of fruity flavour from the blueberry compote. What really makes these Blueberry Cheesecake Macarons so gorgeous is the beautiful little speckles of actual dried blueberries. A bit like a macaron version of a speckled egg! That's thanks to the addition of blueberry powder to...

Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 02.02.2018

Many months ago I spotted this adorable donut silicone mould at a baking store. The little donut indents are only 4cm in size - so cute! Having absolutely no idea what I would ever do with it, I instantly bought it. (This was to avoid the case of me later thinking of a use for it, going back and finding it sold out never to return again as normally happens when I don't buy something I like). I'm pleased to report that I eventually found the perfect use for it - to make these darling Mini Donut Cake Pops. Cake pops...

Biscuits & Cookies, Recipes, Sweets & Treats / 30.01.2018

Now that I've gotten the hang of making macarons, I can't get enough of it! Sweet and delicate, macarons add a sophisticated touch to any tea party, and make for a beautiful homemade gift too. Another bonus is that they carry a variety of flavours very well, so you can really let your imagination run wild! When choosing the flavour for my next batch of macarons, one of my favourite desserts came to mind. The combination of a thick, creamy custard and crunchy, almost bitter caramel is what makes Crème Brûlée the popular dessert that it is. In order to replicate...

Brownies & Bars, Recipes / 23.01.2018

In the month of New Year's resolution's, I bucked the trend and hosted an Anti-Bant event. It was an event dedicated to those of us who are NOT getting on the banting, paleo, plant-based or sugar-free diet wagons. The event was all about indulging in a variety of unapologetically sweet treats. As such, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to showcase this White Chocolate Rocky Road. My sister flew all the way from Joburg to attend my Anti-Bant event. Of course this meant that she also got roped in to all the preparations! She contributed this gorgeous White Chocolate Rocky...

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